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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Color Themes

Teardrop color theme:

What do you think of the red, white, and aqua?

So instead of the drab dirty black the trailer frame is now, we painted it red! We also took off the old plywood that was way to weathered to re-use.

Shasta love.

Oops were doing it again

(Please sing title to B.Spears)

It is happening again! The stir-craziness of winter has placed another spring project in our laps. This time, however, instead of just buying an old camper to renovate we are starting from scratch!

Hopefully, when this project is complete we will have a one-of-a-kind teardrop that my little Chevy can tow.

We found this Harbor Freight trailer on Craigslist in Cheyenne for only 200 dollars. Cheaper than buying it new (see it here new). Since we are now apartment dwellers, we have a storage space to make it happen, it has been quite successful so far! More updates to come.

Shasta love.