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Monday, July 16, 2012

Walls are up and stained!

First, we added the interior walls.

Anthony then put the walls up by adding corner brackets on the inside of the walls to secure them to the floor and T-brackets on the outside.

Walls up!
 A closeup of the wall up!

Then it was time to stain!

Do you love it?!

Shasta Love.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

framing and insulating

So the walls are now framed and insulated! Here we are:

Door Framing

Here is some of the framing around the door. We reused some wood so that is why some of the bottom corner is discolored.

framing on other wall
So to cut out the foamed insulation, we then created a pattern from tissue paper and transferred it to the foam to cut out. it worked out well!
Creating a pattern for the insulation


Friday, April 27, 2012

From the window, to the wall!

We have 'em! 

Let me start by saying, if you are going to build yourself a camper there is no need for new windows. We decided to try out an RV store in Cheyenne that had used parts We bought two sliding windows with screens plus our vent for the roof for only 45 dollars! I was looking on e-bay before going and the cheapest I could find was 45 dollars a window. New they are over a hundred a piece. 
Basically we struck window gold

We also have cut out our camper shape. Nothing fancy, just a bubble. I think bubble teardrops are the cutest anyway :) 

One wall

Here is both halves cut out with Tozzi taking a nap on them

The next part was to cut out the window shape into the wall. This was a challenge because our windows are not an exact rectangle. This could be called the downside to get what you can used windows, but 1. I think this shape will look cooler with teardrop and 2. I like a challenge. 
Either way, after a few adjustments we got it in! 

Doesn't it look great!!!

We only did just the one window, as we had other things to do. But, the other window we are thinking will lay up and down in the door. Another day, another project! 


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Flooring is in

We have a floor!

Here we painted the bottom of our plywood with roofing tar, so as to avoid rotting from all the gunk that will spit up when driving. It only took 400 million hours to dry! Not bad..

We then cut some 2x2s so as to create a frame. then we filled the frame with some insulation (which as you know from our past trailer post is my life calling)
Anyway, we added this because currently in APRIL it is SNOWING. gah. and we can only assume that it will be chilly quite often and this will help.
I then added some wood glue to give the bolts a little extra help for the top piece of plywood that we added.

So here is our new floor, finished! Next stop, walls!!

Shasta Love.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Color Themes

Teardrop color theme:

What do you think of the red, white, and aqua?

So instead of the drab dirty black the trailer frame is now, we painted it red! We also took off the old plywood that was way to weathered to re-use.

Shasta love.

Oops were doing it again

(Please sing title to B.Spears)

It is happening again! The stir-craziness of winter has placed another spring project in our laps. This time, however, instead of just buying an old camper to renovate we are starting from scratch!

Hopefully, when this project is complete we will have a one-of-a-kind teardrop that my little Chevy can tow.

We found this Harbor Freight trailer on Craigslist in Cheyenne for only 200 dollars. Cheaper than buying it new (see it here new). Since we are now apartment dwellers, we have a storage space to make it happen, it has been quite successful so far! More updates to come.

Shasta love.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Updates and full pics!

Well, I think its about time we updated and showed those of you who were not fortunate enough to see Lil' Rhody in person this summer some pics!

We have taken flight!

Scalloped edge on shelf

Shasta logos we found on another shasta blog

Kitchen, all finished and looking good!

A good view of the flooring and surroundings

Letting the breeze roll in

Full view of rear

Out on the road on our honeymoon in colorado. Stopping to look at the scenery.

Posing with Lil' Rhody

Well, maybe its cause we had a bit of good weather today and miss our buddy, but we felt it was time to update! Since the honeymoon he has been in storage in Evanston WY in the garage for the winter. Come spring, we can't wait for another trip!