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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Flooring is in

We have a floor!

Here we painted the bottom of our plywood with roofing tar, so as to avoid rotting from all the gunk that will spit up when driving. It only took 400 million hours to dry! Not bad..

We then cut some 2x2s so as to create a frame. then we filled the frame with some insulation (which as you know from our past trailer post is my life calling)
Anyway, we added this because currently in APRIL it is SNOWING. gah. and we can only assume that it will be chilly quite often and this will help.
I then added some wood glue to give the bolts a little extra help for the top piece of plywood that we added.

So here is our new floor, finished! Next stop, walls!!

Shasta Love.

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