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Friday, April 27, 2012

From the window, to the wall!

We have 'em! 

Let me start by saying, if you are going to build yourself a camper there is no need for new windows. We decided to try out an RV store in Cheyenne that had used parts We bought two sliding windows with screens plus our vent for the roof for only 45 dollars! I was looking on e-bay before going and the cheapest I could find was 45 dollars a window. New they are over a hundred a piece. 
Basically we struck window gold

We also have cut out our camper shape. Nothing fancy, just a bubble. I think bubble teardrops are the cutest anyway :) 

One wall

Here is both halves cut out with Tozzi taking a nap on them

The next part was to cut out the window shape into the wall. This was a challenge because our windows are not an exact rectangle. This could be called the downside to get what you can used windows, but 1. I think this shape will look cooler with teardrop and 2. I like a challenge. 
Either way, after a few adjustments we got it in! 

Doesn't it look great!!!

We only did just the one window, as we had other things to do. But, the other window we are thinking will lay up and down in the door. Another day, another project! 


1 comment:

  1. First off, love the title of this post. Props on cleverness!

    Secondly, I love the last picture of Fantozzi peeking through the window like a little boy, ready for a day at Coney Island.

    Love love love! It's coming along so great. :)